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New Cutting-Edge Services Introduced

Armstrong Planning is proud to announce the expansion of our offerings with the introduction of two new innovative services: Massing Studies and Shadow Mapping. These additions highlight our commitment to providing comprehensive and forward-thinking solutions to our clients in the field of urban development.

Massing Studies: Visualising Integration with Surroundings.

Armstrong Planning now offers Massing Studies, utilising a highly accurate 3D cityscape model. This technology enables us to illustrate how a proposed development will seamlessly integrate into the surrounding built environment. Through the graphical representation of spatial relationships such as scale, form, and massing, clients gain a deeper understanding of the overall impact of their projects.

Our advanced capabilities allow us to import architectural plans from industry-standard software like Revit or SketchUp. Alternatively we can construct 3D models in-house based on any 2D plans provided, offering clients a holistic view of their development's potential effects on the existing urban landscape.

Shadow Mapping: Optimizing Sunlight Interaction

Armstrong Planning is now at the forefront of urban design analysis with our new Shadow Mapping service. Using state-of-the-art 3D modeling capabilities, we conduct geo-locationally specific sun-path analyses. This process enables precise evaluations of how proposed structures and design options will interact with sunlight, casting shadows that vary with the seasons and time of day.

The Shadow Mapping analysis proves invaluable for decision-making in urban development, allowing us to advise clients on optimal building orientations, minimizing overshadowing of public spaces and neighboring buildings.

Armstrong Planning continues to set the standard for planning consultancy in the Dublin area, combining expertise with cutting-edge technology. For inquiries about these new services or to learn more about Armstrong Planning, please contact us.

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