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Architectural Design

At Armstrong Planning we provide a full range of architectural design services.  Taking a dedicated approach to each project, our team of professionals ensure that we complete every build on time, within budget and to the highest standard. 


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Architecture Model Sketching
Glass Buildings


To help our clients determine the best use of their property, Armstrong Planning can conduct a thorough site analysis. Doing the necessary research at the start of a project not only ensures successful site preparation, but also helps the owner make informed decisions on project direction, design and construction.


An architectural feasibility study aims to answer the big questions early in the decision-making process. At Armstrong Planning we conduct these studies to help our clients investigate their development options and test the financial viability of their project before committing any real significant expense.


Our architectural design team works closely with our clients to ensure the building design is well considered and meets all their requirements. Using the latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) software they then prepare detailed and concise architectural drawings that are submitted as part of the project planning application.  


Our tender packages include a comprehensive set of drawings, documents and project specifications which form the basis on which accurate costs can be determined and contract documents established. Once tenders are received, we discuss them with our clients and help them select the best contractor for the works.


Our high-quality working drawings provide detailed, specific information on relevant elements of the building fabric. They not only allow our clients to receive more accurate quotations from contractors, but give the chosen contractor all the details they need to complete the project to the highest of standards.


During construction, we can monitor and supervise progress on site, dealing with any issues or problems that arise and liaising with our clients on a regular basis to ensure they are kept informed of project progress at all times.


Armstrong Planning can act as Assigned Certifier during construction, ensuring that completed projects meet the requirements of the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 – BC(A)R.


At Armstrong Planning we are qualified to mark and certify maps for land registry purposes. Whether you are buying or selling a property, we can work with your solicitor to prepare a map customised to your needs.


Armstrong Planning carries out energy rating assessments and can issue official SEAI BER Certificates. We can advise on potential energy upgrades to existing properties to improve efficiency, as well as providing architectural solutions at the design stage, advising on how best to maximise your energy rating in compliance with current regulations.

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